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    ArtisticActingFrog4073 / Sep 25 2021 14.49

    hi, im 13 and i sent a bra picture to this boy that i liked that i didnt know because i trusted him. now hes threatening to send them to my dad and i am super stressed because i trusted him with my pictures and now hes broken that. someone help what do i do???

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    ShinySingingTurtle7684 / Sep 30 2021 10.14

    Firstly I would say try to relax. Could you see your private parts in these pictures or was it just your bra? You shouldn't take nude photos, espessially not on phones as they can be uploaded to the cloud or one drive. If he likes you then he should just say that he doesn't want to be sent those photos and then he should forgive you. He shouldn't be threatening you and if he is then he doesn't sound like a very good person. I'm not really sure what else to say so I hope this helps.

    Jess x


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