my gender thing thats kind of a problem...

  1. Loser
    DaniTheGirl-DannyTheBoy / Sep 25 2021 13.19

    hello heres a kind of dump about my gender. im not really sure about it, im afab, comfortable with all pronouns though everyone uses she/her, but i kind of want people to use they/them more. ive told my friends my pronouns are she/they and they respect that but im wondering if i should go by just they/them to try it out? bc no one really uses they/them, just my friend this one time :') so i know im somewhere on the nonbinary/trans/genderfluid spectrum, but these labels are the ones ive been questioning.







    btw i currently identify as genderqueer (an umbrella term, kind of another word for nonbinary) but im not sure if i will stick with that or not. i kind of feel all genders, i present quite feminine though i want to be more neutral/androgynous, but it requires a bit more effort (like i want to cut my hair shorter and i dont have lots of time) also, i find it a bit difficult to dress more masculine/neutral when i wear baggy clothes and hoodies, i just feel like a girl in casual dress, so i might get some sports bras and use them as a binder, since i want a bit of a flatter chest. the problem with looking like a cisgender girl and not changing it because i dont have time is it makes me feel like im making it all up? so i really want to look more neutral, i think it might help.

    im not sure what the point of this was, im just in a tough position rn and want to figure myself out :) if anyone identifies with any of the genders i mentioned or is somewhere on that spectrum, some advice would be appreciated, like how do you feel about gender and how did you figure it out?


  2. Sheep
    ClaudeTheDetective / Sep 25 2021 21.32

    I mean I'm fairly sure you can be pangender but have your gender change over periods of time as long as you feel like all genders over that period.


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