I don't know if this is abuse or not so please let me know

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    BouncyRunningBee5176 / Sep 24 2021 22.57

    hi im 13

    i dont know if this is abuse or not so im scared to report it

    my mum and dad likes to call me the following slag / hore / bich / cunt / lazy / shitcunt / smellyminj and alot more inilapropret names i have 8 other siblings age 18 17 16 14 11 6 4 2 i have to look after the 3 yongest and cook for them most of the time and i clean most of the house due to my 4 older sibelings have jobs and school thay beat us to realve there stress sometimes so bad we need to go hospitall but sometimes there relly nice and i dont want to leave them but i dont want it to be normall and whean soshel servesis come round if we say any thing whay will hit us after i just want to be safe my mum and dad wont let me go school so i cant tell nowone becuse i dont know nowone im to shy to call anyone incase thay say its normal or my parents hear me or thay tell my pearents i dont know if its abuse so please let me know 😭

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    GenderFluidCheese / Sep 25 2021 7.19

    I’ve been sworn at by a parent, its not pleasant. Your situation sounds horrible, you probably want to talk to a 1-2-1 counsellor or call childline if you can.

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    PowerfulRunningBee9126 / Sep 26 2021 21.44

    this is abuse and is not in the slightest acceptable or normal.

    you should send a message to childline explaining your situation and ask them to call social services. just because your parents are really nice sometimes does not mean that they are suitable carers.

    Social services can send a social worker.

    You can read and ask more about abuse on childline.

    You have described emotional and physical abuse as well as neglect and gatekeeping.

    It is never your fault.

    There are so many people out there who can and are willing to help you just by you asking. if you are ever in immediate danger please do not hesitate to call 999 as your safety is crucial.

    I really hope things improve for you. you are incedibly strong and brave for speaking out about this.

    Best wishes-



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