do i have friends?

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    CuriousWalkingGoose1930 / Sep 24 2021 21.42

    hi, I'm dawn.

    recently I started high school and as most of us have done, i have met lots of new people.

    My best friend (who I'll call Poppy so I don't use her real name) has met lot's too

    she has met these 3 girls and I feel like she doesn't like me

    she doesn't speak to me as much, gets mad at me easily and fails to include me.

    For the past break times, I have sat alone reading by myself.

    Am I the problem?

    I'm going through a rough patch, this 'friendship' isn't making it better.

    What do I do?

  2. Bookworm
    RainbowCat215911 / Sep 25 2021 12.51

    Hi Dawn,

    I know how you may be feeling, I have been in almost the same situation as you have. The best thing to do is to bond with Poppy's friends. This will be better because they might try to involve you in the activities and it's always great to try new things. This will also make poppy feel glad that you know them. Hope everything goes well.


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    LivelyHopingGoose9505 / Sep 27 2021 20.43

    hey, ive also been in a similar situation when i started in yr 7. you should definitely try to become closer with poppy's friends but i feel that it would also be helpful to try talk to other people aswell, its always good to be friendly with everyone. i know from past experiences that being shy and not talking to others alot doesnt help too much with this, but my best advice would be to fake it (confidence) till you make it. soon enough confidence will come naturally (plus confidence makes u look 100x more friendly and easy to talk to). hope this helped.


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