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    Hi y’all! I’m Conner. I had an idea for some characters and a story that I started writing on here, however there were a lot of holes in the plot and it was a little confusing. I got a better idea using the same characters and that’s what this is.

    I hope you enjoy!


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    The mission was simple. Go in and see if there was actually a Warlock there. That didn’t mean Maya wanted to do it. She’d only agreed to do it because otherwise she’d have to patrol with Damien Lance, and after the last time she was going to do just about anything to avoid that. Damien was a d*ck, especially to Maya.

    She looked at the dress she was in. It was a dark blue satin. This was not the sort of thing she was used to. “Just go in, scout around and then you can leave.” She said to herself. She could hear the music from the club from across the road. It was going to be a nightmare to see if anyone looked human but with two different coloured eyes.

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    Maya went inside, and regretted agreeing to take the mission. This was exactky the sort of place she hated. She’d already spotted at least 3 people wanted by the police. She went and sat at the bar, keeping an eye on her surroundings. It did not take long for a guy to start flirting with her. “Come on sweetie? Why don’t you have. little dance with me?”

    ”I’m not interested.”

    “You so sure about that?” He grinned at her, showing off his fangs. Of course he was a vampire. He put his hand on her thigh. Maya put her hand on his, and sent a small jolt of electricity through him. He yelped. “Back off.” She gave him a little smile. He growled but backed away, getting the message. She scan the place. The Warlock probably wouldn’t bother hiding their heterochromia here, partly because of the lighting, and partly becuase no one would really care either.

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    Maya was getting bored. She didn’t understand how anyone was supposed to find a Warlock in this place. They may be half demon, but the only way you could even tell they were a Warlock was the fact their eyes were two different colours, and even then they could be a shapeshifter and conceal that.

    Maya almost decided to just get up and leave, but then she saw someone who caught her eye. They had their hood up, and were staring at tye floor. Well that was suspicious. She decided to go and investigate. Maybe it would make her night more interesting. She went over to them. “Not enjoying this place either?” They didn’t answer. “Not my sort of place either.”

    “Then why are you here?” The voice sounded male.

    “Wanted to see what it was like.”

    ”It’s full of criminals.”

    ”Yeah, I noticed.” She laughed a bit. That got them to look at her. He was pale. She could just about see that his hair was mainly black but faded to silver. And then she saw his eye. One was a slate grey, and the other was a much paler grey. He was the Warlock!

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    ((I just realised that I wrote half demon. That is not right, I meant part demon. Also, I’m going by Jamie now. That’s not really important but I just wanted to say it. Anyway, enjoy! -Jamie))

    ”So you are a Warlock.”

    “You were looking for me?” She heard the fear in his voice.

    ”Don’t worry. I’m not here to arrest you or anything. My orders were to just talk to you and try and get you to come with me.”

    ”Yeah, that’s not going to happen.” He quickly walked off. He was faster than Maya expected and she had to jog after him.

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    She pushed her way through the crowd and shoved the door open. “Hey! Wait!” She shouted. To her suprise, the warlock actually stopped. “Why are you running away?”

    ”Because I’m sure you mean well, but the people you work for don’t. They want to use me and my powers as a weapon.”

    ”They wouldn’t do that without your consent.”

    ”Trust me, they would. It’s happened many, many times.“ Maya tilted her head.

    “That doesn’t make sense.”

    ”Yes it does. They want to have the most power. Warlocks have access to multiple types of magic at once, so we are very powerful. Having a warlock in their army is a huge advantage.”

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    ((Guess who‘s tried af and very, very burned out and also does not have the energy to figure out the begining of this thing? Yes, me. I’m going to skip ahead a bit, but essentially Maya and Rook (the warlock guy) end up working together. I’ll carry on with this tomorrow probably assuming I get my assignment done. -Jamie))

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    ((Okay, so we’re skipping ahead further into the plot than I thought I would, however ngl, if you have a problem with that, I really don’t care. I’m way too burned out and having wya too many issues with flashbacks and anxiety to care. I’m sorry, but this is essentially a first draft with a story I love the idea of but I don’t have the energy to figure out properly, so y’all are getting the very rough version of this.

    Anyway, basically, another character is introduced and becomes part of the main hroup. His name is Sammy, and he’s a cocky little satyr (the people with goat legs) who could sell you a grain of sand for your house.

    I hope you enjoy!


    Maya noticed Sammy was clirting with a girl. “Sammy, we’re here for a reason.”

    “Okay. Jeez. Just having some fun.”

    “I will electrocute you.”

    “Can you two please stop fighting for ive minutes?” Rook grumbled.

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    Maya just rolled her eyes. She couldn’t beleive she’d actually let Sammy hang around with them. ”What’re we doing here anyway?” He asked.


    ”What? There was a cute fairy girl so I ignored you.”

    ”You’d think with those big floppy goat ears of yours you’d be able to listen.”

    ”Hey! I’m not good at multitasking!” A small pebble hit both Maya and Sammy. They turned to Rook.

    ”What was that for?” The two of them said at the same time.

    “You two are acting like children! We have a serious mission here! We’re trying to find the person who has a huge amount of magical power that the Seers could sense! We don’t know who they are or who they work for and that makes this dangerous. If you two don’t start behaving I’m going to request someone else takes this job.” He took a small breath. “Got it?” Maya looked at the ground and mumbled, “Sorry.”

    ”Good. Now let’s get going.”

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    Rook had taken the lead. He‘d clearly sensed something. Sammy had gotten more serious too, keeping bis attention more focused of Rook than on doing one of the many seeminly random things he did otherwise. Maya hoped they wouldn’t have to sneak up on anybody. Sammy’s hooves were not quiet, especially on the cobbled streets. Also, unless they were in a forest, his bright green hair was very easy to spot. Rook eventually stopped outside of a building. “They’re definetly in there.” It looked abandoned.

    “Well this isn’t creepy at all.“ Sammy said. He hoped from one foot to another. He was actually nervous.

    “We don’t really have a choice here.” Maya went over to the door and Rook followed her. Sammy sighed and did the same.

    Maya pushed open the door. It was fairly dark on the inside, with light struggling to get through the boarded up windows. “Hello?” Maya called.

    ”Why would you shout that?”

    ”What else am I supposed to do?”

    “Erm, guys?” Rook tilted his head. There was a flash of light. Maya ducked, but she didn’t need to. Rook had made a shield of dark energy. “Thanks.”

    ”No problem.” The shield disspareaned.

    ”We’re no threat to you!” Maya shouted. She still hadn’t seen their attacker.

    “No, you and the satyr arn’t.” Someone emerged from the shadows. He had pure white hair that had me cut short messily, with some of it obscuring on eof his eyes. The other was a golden yellow. Maya couldn’t figure out what he was until she saw his wings, small and tattered, but still wings. “You’re a mage!”

    “Well done.” His hands were surrounded in light. “Now leave me with him and you won’t get hurt.”

    ”I’m sorry, have I done something to offend you in the past?” Rook was genuinky confused.

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    “Your entire species is an insult. Your impure blood should never have been allowed to survive.”

    ”Woah buddy!” Sammy stepped in front of Rook. “He may have demon blood but he’s a nice guy. He saved my a*s. He ain’t like the demons from the past.”

    ”That’s just what he wants you to think. Now stand out the way satyr or I’m afraid I’ll have to hurt you.” Electricity crackled around Maya.

    ”You want him, you’ll have to fight me as well.”

    “So be it.“ Maya didn’t even have time to move. He slammed her into the wall, knocking the wind out of her. She sat on the ground, dazed. Sammy shared the same fate, although Rook fared better. He somehow avoided the attack. He’d made a shield around himself, keeping him temporarily protected, “I really don’t want to fight you.”

    ”Since when has a warlock not wanted a fight?” The mage spat. A light flashed in his hand, and a sword appeared, a golden stone embedded in the hilt. Rook made shadows form claws over his hands.

    “I am truly sorry for whatever has caused you to hate my species so much, but I genuinly do not know what that is.” The mage said nothing, simply swinging his sword down onto Rook’s shild, shattering it into peices. The two began fighting, trading blows at such a speed Maya couldn’t even tell what was happening. She could see Sammy realise the same thing as her. There wa no way they could actually help Rook. There was a small flash of green light from Sammy, which meant he’d healed himself, and he trotted over to her. “What in the name of Gaia are we suposed to do?”

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