1. Fixer
    Scaredpigeon / Sep 24 2021 21.01


    i might be moved to foster care soon. does anyone know what would happen to my dog and two cats?

    - TJ

  2. Scientist
    littlealien / Oct 16 2021 19.41

    Hi TJ

    I hope you're doing alright. I am in care and I have a pet dog but she just stayed with my mum and dad when I got put into care. Unfortunately I don't think you are allowed to bring pets with you when you go into foster care. If whoever your living with before being in care is unable to look after them they might try and find them another home or be put in a shelter. I know how hard it is to have to leave pets behind. I really miss not being able to see my sister and dog, but sometimes its for the best to keep you safe.

    Stay strong

    M xxx


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