1. Newbie
    Reading-Sheep / Sep 24 2021 15.21

    I am the best, I’m green and blue,

    I am so much, better than you.

    My feathers glow, my colours shine,

    Compared to you, I am divine.

    Hear my voice?A lovely song,

    Which you can hear, all day long.

    For these reasons, I shall be,

    King to all birds! Bow to me!

    King, is in my name,

    It is my right, to have this fame.

    Sparrow, pigeon, woodpecker, lark.

    Cuckoo, toucan, seagull, hark!

  2. Contemplator
    BuddyBooToYou / Sep 24 2021 19.36

    This poem's really cool! I love how you wrote it from its view!

  3. Prisoner
    Pelicany / Oct 11 2021 21.33

    love it! your an amazing poet


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