My Coming Out Story

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    MangoFruit12 / Sep 24 2021 6.59

    Hi I'm Eri and I came out to my six school friends yesterday and I want to share my story. I hope this helps anyone who wants to come out

    Notes - these aren't my friends really names. I'm in Year 8. I was already out to one friend ( Sno ) and we had several text conversation about it before I came out. Into the story

    I walked slowly the corridor to the canopy area. I look over at our table and most of my friends were already there. It takes a long time to walk from mfl tothe canopy area especially when the rest of your class won't be silent. Butterflies, so many butterflies in my tummy I felt sick. I was trembling. Conceal it don't feel it don't let show. Be like Elsa I thought hide your feelings until Sno gets her and then you can do it. I walk to our table area and I've bearly been there a minute when Sno comes out.

    Sno to everyone: sorry I bwas getting my locker key.

    Sno to me: Do you want to the thing now?

    There's slience between me and Sno. I'm panicking - I really want to fo this but I was so scared, I knew it would be harder if I put off.

    Sno to me: Erin you don't have to if you don't want to. We can do it at Lunch or tomorrow if you want.

    More silence - it's getting worse.

    Sno to me: Erin?

    Me to Sno: I'll do it now but i need to get my locker key first.

    Ari to Sno: Can you come with me to get locker key?

    Sno to Ari: No because we need to do something.You can go yourself.

    Sno to me: Erin you should do this first. The line is really long.

    Me to Sno: Okay

    Sno to everyone: We all need to listen because Erin has an announcement to make.

    Sno looks over to me encouragingly. But remain silent - what do i say?

    L to everyone: We're going to the yard in minute.

    Me nervous giggling. Sno looks over again and with her eyes tells me go on your going to be great.

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    MangoFruit12 / Sep 27 2021 21.36

    Part two of my story. Sorry it took so long.

    Me to sno: Can you just say it?

    Sno: I don't remember it though. (her way of encouraging me)

    Me to Sno: I know you know.

    Sno to everyone: Erin has taken some time to think and now identifyes as...

    Me to everyone very quietly: non binary and a demiboy

    Everyone at the same time being really kind and supportive of me.

    I start crying

    I'll do a part 3


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