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  1. Childline Avatar
    Emmitt / Sep 24 2021 0.18

    i meed tips on how to get someone to like me, ive been crushing on someone for a long time now and tried to make it obviouse and i need tips please.

    -yours truley Emmitt.

  2. Bookworm
    RainbowCat215911 / Sep 26 2021 20.56

    Hi Emmit,

    I have some really good tips for you;

    -act confi****dent

    -talk about both of your interests

    -try different hairstyles (whether you are a boy or girl)

    -don't beg it too much try to talk regularly, and slowly build your friendship up

    And MOST important tip, be yourself. If they start judging you or try to change you they do not deserve you. Remember it's better natural and simple than fake and elaborate. I hope this helps!


  3. Mouse
    somewhatconfusing6 / Oct 11 2021 0.24

    talk about things. All the while smile and retain eye contact.

    Look at them out of the corner of your eye on occasions and retain this until they look at you. Then hold it for up to 2 seconds max without breaking it before just casually looking away with a very slight smile.

    whenever they look at you, look straight back at them.

    Smile and laugh at even the slightest funny thing, then look at them, hold their gaze for three seconds jut smiling, laugh slightly, look away and then look back again two seconds later. Remember to only do this when others are laughing and not too often. Also do this very gently if you are a very quite person.

    Make a very subtle yet slightly noticeable effort with your appearance

    Smile and say hi to them whenever possible.

    Take a noticeable .interest in their hobbies.

    Hang around near them and their mates and look in their direction frequently in a friendly, approachable way.


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