Ex boyfriend year 9

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    Shadow-13 / Sep 23 2021 19.53

    hey guys i’ve came here because i cant tell anyone at school because i would get bad mouthed if anyone knew. my ex boyfriend and i dated for 7 months and it was an easy break up but then it got tough after. me and my ex where both pressured by my best friend (not my best friend now) to break up so then when we did we also removed each other (that was back in june) till a week into july and he added me back asking to be friends - i hesitated but said yes its hard for me being his friend as i still have feelings for him and havent moved on its really annoying because he likes to tell me everything about his life - hes had multiple girlfriends since we broke up but they’ve all not lasted more than 2 days and his friends all say there rebounds but he wokt admit it. today he called me cute and the other day i said i hated him as a joke and he said awe love you too - that really got to me and made me think. another thing is everyone including his mates are asking if we go out again and we both say no but i dont know if he likes me and the only person who knows i like him is my online friend from ireland and he says ask him out but im scared of rejection so i dont. plus i dont know if he likes me. and dont know if he’d tell everyone if he rejects me. everyone had different opions on our relationship. some said it was toxic, others said it was the perfect year 8 couple, me and him where happy so it was neither toxic and neither perfect to us but even people who hated out guts loved us being together because we made each other happy and werent misserable.

    please reply i really dont know what to do about my thoughts

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    RainbowCat215911 / Sep 24 2021 17.09

    Hi Shadow-13,

    I have read your message and can see that you are conflicted inside. The real question is do you love him, or just like him? Another thing to ask yourself:

    - What do I like about him?

    - What are the good qualities and bad qualities he has?

    - Had he ever pressured me somehow back when we were dating?

    Hope that can help. If you want to have further advice you can use wikiHow.



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