hey everybody, so ive been realising how messed up my school life is and how much drama and trouble ive been in lately

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    TiredRestingTurtle5027 / Sep 23 2021 17.29

    from what happened today im scared to go to school in general because I know my bullies are going to cause beef while my head of years yell at me. Its been happening ALOT as ive stated in the subject of this message even other people getting into trouble scares me its like everything does at this point. I have not heard my head of year raise his voice so loud in my life until today after i didnt mean to get into any trouble it was just a huge misunderstanding, I cried so much after that I remember going to my classroom to get my stuff since it was the end of the day and nobody was there. I just started crying and shaking i was in such a rush, worried about my mum waiting for me she must've of been so worried plus when i came out my mum was the only one standing there it made me feel so bad and I started crying to her even more while explaining what happened aswell as me getting a detention

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    BuddyBooToYou / Sep 23 2021 17.52

    Its not Ok to bully someone, Not at all. I hope you're feeling a bit better now. I also hope your mum was understanding. If possible she could get you moved to a new school. I'm glad you shared it, now you've been heard. I think your head of year should have been more responsible, especially if they have that position. My advice is to distract yourself, whenever something horrible happens I like to read because it takes my mind of things. Treat yourself to something (that's not dangerous), like have something nice or listen to music or something that will make you feel better. Don't do something which will make you feel worse, like I can't concentrate on homework when something bad has happened. I hope you find a solution. Good luck.


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    ActiveActingDeer4564 / Sep 23 2021 18.00


    If it was a misunderstanding u need to tell him. It might help you release all of ur sadness. I’m sure he’ll understand.


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