I'm not sure how to title this but hey

  1. Fixer
    Ce-Nedra / Sep 23 2021 15.38

    I'm crying again whats wrong they ask

    And I'm trying to answer, an impossible task

    The air starts thickening I can't breathe

    I wish I could tell them or put their minds at ease

    But the words won't come out no matter how hard i try theyre trapped in my brain

    I want to answer so badly I start to feel insane

    Again and again they ask and always met with I'm fine they start dismiss me a waste of their time

    My resolve starts to crumble and I start to break but I have to hide it for all of their sakes

    A crack and another it just won't stop I tape the pieces back together but I'm not so simple to fix

    So i go on the internet with a few simple quick clicks

    "try tea or a walk or mindfullness helps" and i try and try but none of it works

    more clicks

    more answers

    none of them fit this bizzare broken puzzle of whats making me sick

    I abandon the internet it has no more hacks left to give

    The cracks are everywhere now and i think this is it

  2. Contemplator
    BuddyBooToYou / Sep 23 2021 18.55

    Hello, hope you're feeling a bit better after sharing his poem. Your really good at poetry and using it to express how you feel. It really helps others to understand. Maybe try something that you like to do (that's safe) which will make you feel better, I like to read to distract myself. You could: Watch videos, Write more, Listen to music, eat a snack, chocolate, Don't do nothing or something that will make you upset, I hate doing homework when I feel down.

    Buddy. I hope you feel better soon.

  3. Fixer
    Ce-Nedra / Sep 23 2021 20.11

    Yeah I'm okayish just got upset and frustrated earlier and poetry can be a really helpful outlet for me thanks for the advice hope you're doing okay and uh just thanks again

  4. Contemplator
    BuddyBooToYou / Sep 24 2021 19.35

    No problem. Thanks for sharing your poem. Its good to hear your feeling a bit better


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