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  1. Childline Avatar
    ActiveBakingPanda3326 / Sep 22 2021 19.15

    at this point id rather live on the streets or kill myslef then be with my parents

  2. Bursting
    Graceanxietybpd / Oct 03 2021 21.36

    hey i know things get hard especially with parents but everything gets better at some point we just got to be patient im here for you and so are so many others we love you :)

  3. Childline Avatar
    BusyThinkingRhino1668 / Oct 12 2021 21.58

    same here tbh. I dont think i can cope anymore. But seeing your message instantly wants me to stay hang in there, because once you're out you are free and can go live your life, leave them behind. I promise it'll be worth it. <3 try it out


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