No friends, new sixth form

  1. Bookworm
    Stories4ever / Sep 21 2021 19.06

    Hi, So I have just started sixth form. I originally started at a college but it was too big and overwhelming, plus the bus system was terrible so transport was an issue, so I decided to leave and start at a sixth form near me. Everybody knows each other or are really outgoing and were able to fine new friends. I don’t know anyone and I have really bad social anxiety (I am autistic - Aspergers, and have selective mutism so social situations are so hard for me!). They also all know the teachers as they all went to the school with the sixth form so I feel like such an outsider. I sit on my own mostly and I come home so burnt out and anxious from struggling to deal with my new environment. I honestly don’t know how to find friends and feel less lonely at school. Any advice would be amazing, thanks xxx

  2. Reaching out
    Childline-Host / Sep 29 2021 11.51


    There have been a lot of changes for you recently and it can be really hard joining a new school with people who already know each other. Lots of people tell us both here on the boards and the counsellors that it can be hard to join a new school so its likely that's some of the people at your new school have felt this way in the past before too.

    Has anyone else had experience of starting a new school and trying to fit in when everyone else already knows each other? We would love to hear your tips

    It has been a few days since you posted this, how have things been?

    We hope you start to feel more comfortable the more time you spend there!

    Take care



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