I'm scared one of my friends doesn't like me

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    BuddyBooToYou / Sep 20 2021 19.42

    Hello. I'm Buddy. I never really realised this until today.

    I have quite a few friends but I have a friend who we'll call Lexie. I met Lexie in Secondary. I have another friend who we'll call Lily. Lily was my first friend I actually made and she introduced me to her friends, one of which was Lexie. Lexie and Lily were friends from Primary so they were close and so were there parents. I didn't realise until this school year but I realised I've kind of stolen Lily from Lexie without realising. Lily doesn't spend as much time with Lexie as she used to but they are still friends and I'm also friends with Lexie. I don't think she likes me for it though. Whenever we have to do partner work for a while she kept trying to partner with Lily so that I couldn't, I usually just paired up with someone lese and thought nothing of it.

    Then when we did this thing in a drama lesson Lexie had to pull me out of my chair and throw me on the floor. We were supposed to be just acting though she actually physically threw me onto the floor. I just shrugged it off because I thought she was just acting.

    Recently. we were playing a game and it was supposed to only be a game but she hurt me again. Like she was scratching me and holding my arms really tightly and hurting me. She made it seem like she was just playing but it really didn't feel like it because it really hurt. Like I haven't had a friend hurt me like that before during a game.

    She always seems to try to leave me out like she invited Lily and a few others to play the game but she didn't invite me but Lily took me with her since we assumed she mean all of us.

    She doesn't like to talk to me either and avoids me in conversations but Lily always tries including me.

    Sorry it's long. I wanted to talk about it. Advice is appreciated.

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    CloudySittingDuck8079 / Sep 22 2021 22.43

    do you think you could sit lexie down and tell her how you feel ?

  3. Contemplator
    CloudySittingDuck8079 / Sep 22 2021 22.43

    do you think you could sit lexie down and tell her how you feel ?

    BuddyBooToYou / Sep 23 2021 7.10

    I could but I'm scared she won't understand or will tell people about it


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