I hate college😩

  1. Coolcat
    XxIlyBillieEilishxX / Sep 20 2021 19.35


    So I was at college today and it was lunch and i was sat with my friend. We were talking and kinda just lazing around as we were both really tired from staying up the night before haha but i realised that the boys in front of us had been secretly recording us on their phones and sniggering when they watched it back and sending it to their friends ect

    I happenned to look directly at the camera on one occasion and i didnt know what to do so i just looked away and they all burst out laughing....i felt so embarrased and that all my progress with trying to fit in and enjoy school life over the last few years had been undone. I thought college would be better (I just started yr 12 two weeks ago) because people would have grown up a bit and learnt that their isnt a "popular" or "unpopular" sort of hierachy among people but im losing hope. I just want to get away from people like this but they seem to be everywhere and i always seem to be a target just because im not as confident or extroverted as they are and yet i thought i'd improved so much over the last few years with it. Sometimes i just really wish that time could stop and i wouldnt have to go to college or worry about careers or friends or relationships (of which ive never even had, but thats a separate issue all together haha). Nothing i do in my life seems to change how people think of me or how they react and i hate it!

    Sorry i just really needed to vent to someone

    T x

  2. Flower
    GrowingPositiveThoughts / Sep 22 2021 21.43

    That sounds really tough. They shouldn't be allowed to record you without permission. Its eaither illegal or colleges don't allow it. I hope college improves as time goes on, I've just started year 12 too and it is big step change for sure and very stressful. Stay positive!

  3. Headphones
    ActiveActingDeer4564 / Sep 23 2021 18.03


    That sounds awful. You should tell one if the teachers and they’ll do something about it. I hope you already have.


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