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    x-Ashleigh-x / Sep 20 2021 1.27

    I was just wondering if anyone has been through what I’ve been through, I’m feeling quite lonely lately. I’ve been bullied throughout high school and in year 9 I had to move forms because it got very severe. I have picked at my skin ever since year 6 and i hadn’t thought anything about it until someone asked if I had chicken pox. I then started covering it up with makeup. I was bullied for being ‘too pale’. In year 10 covid happened and I was shielding because of my asthma. My friends at the time many of the time disregarded my feelings and would always say big numbers to me about things like covid cases which would panic me as I knew because of my severe asthma that I would have to stay inside longer. They made a group chat In February 2021 and they were making google documents. The questions started off fine but then it was about topics such as ‘who would you most want to jump off of a cliff’ ‘who is the most untrustworthy’ and ‘who would you most want to leave the group’This impacts

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    PendorMaisy / Sep 20 2021 19.27


    I hope you are OK.

    I have also recently been affected by cyberbullying. I was friends with this girl in primary school, secondary school and now at college but I had recently came across an old school photo with comments on it from 11 years ago. (I'm 18, by the way.) Turns out that she has been faking our friendship the whole time and what's worse is that she doesn't look like the kind of person who would bully someone online. She says that "I have been talking crap, swearing and also, I am really unusual and weird."

    Sometimes, this girl has been nasty to me in college like turning her back towards me and even encouraging a friend to do the same. I also have sensitive skin and feel like I couldn't do much as I had a skin condition (eczema) so people did sometimes treat me as if I had some infectious disease. I also do think your friendship with those friends are quite toxic because if they know you have asthma, they should support you instead of talking about COVID numbers.

    I would suggest speaking to some of them and tell them how you feel.

    Hope this helps.



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