Body image

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    TalentedWorkingDove2611 / Sep 19 2021 21.15

    so im struggling at the moment with how i look, sometimes i feel so pretty and the next feel ugly. i dont know how to always feel pretty. my mum sometimes makes me feel ugly and ashamed of how i look. please can anyonne give some advice on this?

  2. Contemplator
    BuddyBooToYou / Sep 20 2021 18.15

    Hello . You can call me buddy. A lot of people struggle with body image, even I do. It's really hard to learn to accept ourselves. I know I can't see you but there will always be something beautiful in you. Don't let your mum win, don't let her words get to you. If you can see yourself as pretty at least sometimes then that's great! Try to not focus on what makes you feel ugly. My advice is to do something that distracts you whenever she shames you. Like reading or listening to music. It's good you shared it here. It can feel great to be heard about how you feel.

    Stay strong. Buddy.


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