Maybe now im free

  1. Fixer
    Ce-Nedra / Sep 18 2021 19.49

    The last one standing i inhale as I crumple to the floor

    Everyone has left me and all i loved is no more

    I cant breathe for all the smoke the burning bridges leave behind

    And all I know is that love had left me blind

    Was i really right to set those fires and try to drive you from my mind?

    No longer standing i exhale as I fade to a ghost

    haunted by the spirits of the one who i thought loved me most

    I cant escape the deafening wails

    Beckoning me back dragging my independence off the rails

    Why do all my attempts have to be fails?

    Floating away from my body i can no longer breathe

    I cant even fix it anymore yet still a fury begins to writhe and seethe

    The love has faded and now I realise what you did to me

    I feel so naive because I had to be destroyed to even see

    Hollowed and empty maybe now I am free?

  2. Contemplator
    BuddyBooToYou / Sep 21 2021 19.39

    This is a great poem. Thanks for sharing it!

  3. Reaching out
    Childline-Host / Sep 29 2021 18.12


    Thanks so much for sharing your poem, really helps to visualise the hurt behind the words. It could be that your words are metaphorical or real for you, if this brings up anything you need to talk about remember there are lots of boards to talk about any difficult experiences you have gone through or are on your mind.

    Take care



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