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  1. Prisoner
    MagicalPosingWolf2265 / Sep 18 2021 19.09

    hi idk where to start i have so much inside and i need help and advice i have a friendship group of 5 and recently i feel as though we are all drifting some lunch times it can feel fine and we are all laughing together but it used to be all the time and feel like something has changed friend A has been my friend since primary and we have always been really close she has her own issues and i try and help her out but friend B and C are obbsessed with her and will follow her everywhere me and friend D only think they are in our group because of friend A and we both talk to each other how we feel about the group and how its changing. in pe we had to get into groups of 2 and usually me and friend A would be together but friend C and B said lets be in a group so they went off and left me and friend D alone but we had each other but i felt left out because they are always doing things as a 3 and i dont know whether friend A likes me as much as she used to but i love her and dont want to loose her and i cant tell her how i feel cus she has other issues and theres not much she can do but i hate how they are obsessed with her. friend C always has to talk about herself and when i try and speak to her about how i feel she doesnt care. friend B never bothers with me and its awkward between us both its like she doesnt acc like me. The only one i can talk to is friend D cus she understands and feels the same way. every time i get a message off B or C i get stressed and my hands shake i always feel like they will shout at me as of our arguments and i get stressed to go into school with what they will do. please help and suggest what i should do i am really lost.

  2. Contemplator
    BuddyBooToYou / Sep 19 2021 19.14

    It's good that you shared this. I'm glad that you at least have friend D. It would have been really hard if you had been left out alone. It's also great you two share your thoughts. My advice is to make sure they aren't your only friends because if friend D is ever sick or something then you won't have anyone so it can be helpful to have other friends as well. Maybe try talking to friend A in a call not a group one you could listen to her problems and in return she could listen to yours. Like make an agreement to listen to each other? Hope this helps.


  3. Prisoner
    MagicalPosingWolf2265 / Sep 20 2021 17.34

    thanks so much i will take your advice and try and see if this helps i check on friend A mostly everyday but ahe cant be bothered most of the time she likes to stay in her house and hide away i always try and be there for her but idk why she doesnt appreciate that


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