i hate my mum

  1. Flying
    a-vs-dave-fan / Sep 18 2021 11.48

    hey. im Lotus. basically my mum yells at me and calls me names and i hate her. i want to move out but idk if i can cuz im 11 so idk if i can but i really want to. please help and please give me advice -Lotus

  2. Loser
    ChloeG12 / Sep 21 2021 8.56

    Hi, im chloe, im 16 and its similar with my mum. she does it and says it is because i have potential and that she cares but i dont think she does. Lotus, my advice to you is if it is that severe which i dont doubt that it is, try and contact a close relative or try and talk to an adult you trust. it is hard right now, i know but i believe in you.


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