Emotional Abuse

  1. Childline Avatar
    FlexibleSkatingFox9423 / Sep 18 2021 2.17

    Emotional abuse isn't talked about enough, being threatened(empty), called pathetic and useless, dull, stupid, being blamed for everything, being laughed at, being made fun of, not being accepted. being afraid of your parents. it's not okay. and just because it's your mother, it didn't mske it okay. is that normal? any of whst i said

  2. Flying
    a-vs-dave-fan / Sep 18 2021 11.34

    its not normal. my mum does the same thing and says cuz shes my mum its fine but its not. you should contact childline or tell a trusted adult. you can also talk to someone. and dw its not your fault so dont blame yoursel. hope that helps -Lotus

  3. Contemplator
    BuddyBooToYou / Sep 19 2021 18.53

    It is not Ok. It is unacceptable. You can't do that to your own child. How are you a parent then? Don't let their words affect you. Take care.



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