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    RoyalActingRaven9193 / Sep 17 2021 22.02

    so i have these two friends who are a lot closer with eachother than i am with either of them me and one of my friends (b) broke up not too long ago and he was really upset about it and my other friend keeps saying what im doing to upset him and i need to put more effort in and go out with them but if im being honest i really dont want to, its so awkward and doesnt make me feel good when im around them, i am probably in the wrong in this situation and am being selfish but does anyone have advice? this makes me feel a bit worried and stressed sometimes and i always do things to distract me and take my mind off it.

    thank you and i hope if you read this that youre having a good day :)

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    LivelyHopingGoose9505 / Sep 27 2021 20.35

    hey, so ive got a similar issue here so i know how you feel. i have two 'friends' who i know like each other more than they like me. normally i wouldnt really reply to these messages but i cried numerous times in school and home today simply due to the fact that my friends probably dont like me and i really cant stand the idea that other people could feel the same way.

    now, back to your issue. you said that its awkward when ur with them and thats not your fault at all. i think that you should tell them that you feel awkward which is why you dont go out with them much but i understand that it takes alot to talk to them about this which is fine. if they listen to what you say and try to change things, you should also try to hang out with them but if nothing actually changes you could perhaps try making some new friends. that doesnt mean you should completely end things with your current friends but having other people to talk to can also take your mind off it

    hope your day was better than mine


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