My BFF Likes Me?!

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    Aloe-x / Sep 17 2021 14.51

    Ok so this may be a long post so im sorry but just bare with me!

    This started a few days ago when my one of my friends, lets call her A and my bff who we can call E were walking to the toilets to wash our hands before lunch. On the way we are talking and A asked “hey do you guys have any girl crushes.” (she didnt rlly ask that but it was a long story so yeah) But E just suddenly says “yeah i do” So we asked who and she says she has them on some girls and we were joking about it when A asked if it was someone from the school and E said yes. By that time we were at the sink all washing our hands and A asked again, is it someone in this room? in the room it was just A, E and me! E said yes then A and I both tried to run out the room but A got out first and pushed me back in and asked if they were still in the room and E SAID YES!!! WHAT?! I was so shocked! But I sorta guessed bc i doubted it would be A. Later E said she was bi and stuff which i dont mind bc i find that perfectly ok but i dont like her in the same way... There is more though... I think she may be lying... She has a history of lying about stuff before and they werent like small things... She pretended a made up family friend had died, she pretended she had a deaf (again made up) cousin and various other things. I honestly dont know how im still he bff. All of my other friends who are girls know since we are all really close and A’s godbrother knows as well bc he is in our class too. All this drama has made everything super complicated. If she is really bi i support that but bc of her history with lying it just complicated stuff even more. Ive gathered some sort of evidence she is lying but it isnt conclusive and she might not be. I might carry this on in the comments but idk. HELP PLEASE! (ty if you do <3)


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