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    MusicalCyclingOtter4793 / Sep 15 2021 22.41

    hi, im jas

    about 2-3 months ago i was having mrntal breakdowns every night crying myself to sleep about the way i looked and how i would sitinfront of a mirror with only a lamp on just so i could see myself without acne. i. felt so ashamed of myself but then i tell myself off for being ungreatful since i am tall blonde and skinny. i make myself think my emotions arnt valid because of it. fast forward 2 week before uear 9 started i got a cream for my skin and everything started going well but i still felt like crying but because i was so rapped up in that ine insecurity i had forgotten about everything else my nose my forhead my neck i started to hate myself even more than before and then the cream stopped working rverything went down hill again that was where i was at yesterday. i had a horrible day today at school. a boy that had once liked me jn year 7 shouted actoss the classroom “ugh what happened to ur face” i was so close to crying and in science a teaxher i had in year 7 was going through the setaing plan and said jas you sit there she looked up at me and black fown at my photo from year 7 and said wow youve changed i was so close to leaving the classroom i just feel so hopeless now i force myself to put a mirror up to my face in my window and stare at myself for ages looking at my dark circles and spots caking my forhead my suster and mum dont help either their both constantly pointing out how my dark circles get bugger and bigger by the day and commneting on how ted my spots are rveryday im so sick of it

    any advice is apreciated <3

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    SilverThinkingDuck8270 / Oct 07 2021 19.04

    That's so sad. Maybe you could go to a pharmacy for something that can get rid of acne but that doesn't always work. I don't think your family are being nice to you and you should tell them that so they realise how much they upset you. They might notice how how you have been hurt and try to do something about it.


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