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    AlpacaInATrenchcoat / Sep 15 2021 21.51

    So, hi. I came up with this plot while watching Full Metal Alchemist (a really good series I definetky recomend watching), and I really like this idea so I’m going to try and write it. Will I get through the whole thing? Probably not, but I want to try anyway.

    I hope you like this!


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    AlpacaInATrenchcoat / Sep 15 2021 23.22

    Maya marched down the corridor. The Major had asked to see her. That could mean one of two things. Either she was getting a new assignment or she was in trouble for something she didn’t even know about. She knew Duncan Harrier had been desperate to try and get her demoted since she’d gotten promoted to being a Corporal before him. Maya knew she was better than him, but he’d been out to get her since day one. She hoped he hadn’t slithered his way into the heart of the Major to make her miserable. She doubted it, but then again, Lance Corporal Harrier was a slippery little weasel. She paused at the door. She’d dedicated her life to this, it was not about to end, it couldn’t. She knocked.

    ”Come in.” A voice said from within. Maya opened the door and went inside. “Ah! Corporal Gale! Please shut the door.” She did, and then went and stood next to the slightly rickety chairs. The Major stood up from his chair. ”You’re probably wondering why you’re here aren’t you?”

    ”Yes sir.“

    ”Good. I’m happy to say it’s good news.” Maya relaxed a little. “You’ve been exceptional in our effort to defeat the foul Warlocks. Of course, your magic helps you in battle, but your not just a force to be reconed with in a fight. I’ve been watching you since you got here, and I must say I’m very impressed.”

    ”Thank you sir!” Maya had not been expecting that. The Major was impressed with her!

    “Now onto your mission. There’s a town a few days walk from here. According to our intel, they’re hiding a Warlock. We want you to find them and bring them in.”

    ”Do you know what his abilities are sir?”

    ”We beleive that they are a Summoner, however their second ability is unkown. As you know that adds a level of danger to this mission...

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    AlpacaInATrenchcoat / Sep 15 2021 23.39

    …It could very well result in a fight.”

    ”I can handle it sir.”

    “I hoped you’d say that. You’ll start your journey tomorrow. You’ll have limited supplies to not draw attention to you, and you’ll be completely alone on this mission. Are you sure you’re up for it?”

    ”I am sir.”

    “Splendid. Go and get some rest. You’ll be needing it. You’ll get your supplies before you leave.”

    ”Yes sir.” Maya saluted before going out the office, Once she was out and sure no one else was there, she gave a little squeal. This mission sounded really important! This was just the oppurtunity she’d been looking for. She went straight to the barracks.

    “Hey Corporal?” Private Banks jogged up to her. “You’re not in trouble are you?”

    ”No Banks. Don’t worry about it. I have a new assignment that I’ll be starting tomorrow.”

    “Good! Lance Corporal Harrier was saying you were getting demoted so me and the others just wanted to make sure.”

    ”Was he now?” Maya smirked. “I’ll have words with him when I get back. Thanks for letting me know.” Banks went off to join the others. They’d gotten quite close over the past weeks. They’d only just gotten back to base after a week of a hard fought battle with the Warlocks. Maya shuddered. How did the Warlocks even come to exist? No one should have the ability to use more than one form of magic. That was too much power for anyone to have. Maya went into the barracks. She had her own little space due to her rank. She decided it would be a good idea to get some sleep. She didn’t want to get too tired on the journey to the village in case she had to fight the Warlock. Their second ability could be any form of magic, so she’d have to be on her guard.

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    AlpacaInATrenchcoat / Sep 17 2021 14.19

    Maya woke up early. It was still dark outside, the stars still shimmering in the sky. She tied her long hair back into a ponytail. She looked round the corner where the others were. They were all fast asleep. She hoped she’d be able to get back and see them again.

    Maya went outside, and shivered a little due to the cool breeze. She walked to the main gate and began to wait. She’d made sure to leave everything that would show she was mikitary behind. There would be no point in the mission if the Warlock knew who she was straight away. “Good! You’re here already.” Maya quickly got to her feet and saluted.

    ”Good morning Major!”

    ”You ready?”

    ”Yes sir.”

    ”Here you go.” He handed her a small bag. “That should be enough to get you there.”

    ”Thank you sir.”

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    AlpacaInATrenchcoat / Sep 17 2021 23.50

    Maya had walked for a few hours. The sun had just about made it over the horizon. She wanted to reach the nearest town as soon as possible, There was a tiny village that she could get to by nightfall. She wouldn’t have minded travelling at night, however she knew there were quite. afew risks because she was a woman travelling alone. People would underestimate her, plus her magic wasn’t exactly subtle. She’d only use it when she had to. The day went on and on, until finally, she saw a house. “Finally.” She muttered to herself. She got into the village. There was a tavern there. Good. At least she’d have a place to stay for the night. She didn’t mind camping, but beds were always nicer.

    Maya went inside. It wasn’t very crowded, but everyone stared at her as she walked over to the bar. She went and sat down. “Can I get ou anything?” The bartender asked.

    ”You have any rooms available.”

    ”Sure thing. How long you planning on staying?”

    ”Just for the night.”

    ”20 peices sound good to you?”

    ”Perfect.” Maya dug around in her bag and gave him the money.

    “Thank you love.” He tossed her the key. “Upstairs, first door on your right.”

    “Thank you.” Maya hated it when people called her things like ‘love’, but she didn’t say anything. She did not want to get into an arguement. She went upstairs and found the room fairly esily. She had to give the door a little shove to open it. The room itself was small, but cosy. “Almost better than the barracks.” She smiled to herself. So far, things were going well.

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    AlpacaInATrenchcoat / Sep 18 2021 0.09

    As it got dark, there was a knock on Maya’s door. She answered it, and it was the bartender. “Just wanted to let you know if you want food, I’d get it now. It’ll probably get busy tonight.”

    ”Oh. Thank you. I will.” She followed him down, then grabbed some food and sat down at a table. She had just finished when the trouble arrived. A large man slammed open the door. The bartender went pale when he saw the guy. “Hey Lucas.” The man said as he went and sat at the bar. “What do you think I’m here for?”

    ”I-I know I’m late with the money but-“ The man fist banged his fist on the table.

    ”It’s always excuses with you isn’t it Lucas? Every single time I come in here you never have the right amount.” Lucas tried to back away but the man was fast, grabbing his arm. Maya sighed. Looked like she didn’t really have a choice.

    “Hey!” She shouted. The man turned and stared at her.

    “Stay out of this little girl.” Maya laughed.

    ”Aww. You shouldn’t just people on appearances. I’ll give you a chance to leave. I’m guessing you don’t want the huniliation of getting your a*s kicked.” He dropped Lucas, and approached Maya. He towered over her, but she didn’t move.

    ”What you gonna do?” Maya rolled her eyes.

    ”You asked.” Electricity crackled around her fingers. He swung at her, but Maya had guessed he was going to do that. She grabbed his arm. He cried out in pain. Maya let go and he fell to his knees. “That was a warning.“ She knelt down to look him in the eyes. “Next time, I won’t be so kind.”

    “You b*tch.” He said. Electricity sparked from her fingers. He flinched.

    ”Say that again I dare you.” He mumbled something, then ran out. “You okay?” She asked Lucas. He just nodded. “Good. I’ll leave the key on the bar when I leave.” She went back upstairs.

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    AlpacaInATrenchcoat / Sep 18 2021 23.58

    ((Okay, so I’m not entirely sure what happens between this bit and arriving at the village with the Warlock in it, so we’re just going to skip to that because I’m excited for this bit lol, and I’m also incredibly tired rn. If anything is unclear, please let me know as I’m aware I do sometimes struggle to explain things I hope you’re enjoying! -Conner))

    Maya had finally gotten to where she was supposed to be. Now onto finding the Warlock and getting back to base. She’d gotten a room in an inn. All she knew about the Warlock was that they were a summoner, someone with the ability to summon creatures from the OtherRealm as well as create weapons out of pure magic. The OtherRealm was the source of all magic, but it seemed summoners had a better connection to it than other magic users. No one really knew why, but that was just how it was. Maya decided she would have a look around town and see what she could find.

    It was a very small village. It was made up of around 30 houses, as well as the inn and a few other shops. The market lined the main street, filled with stalls selling fruit and veg, as well as meats and jams. It was pretty, and very different from the military compounds and cities she’d been in most of her life. She looked around at the people of the village. She mainly looked at their eyes. The easiest way to tell of someone was a Warlock was to see if a person had two differently coloured eyes. No one she’d seen had had that trait. In a way, she hoped she wouldn’t find a Warlock. The village was so peaceful, so calm compared to the hustle of city life or the choas of a warzone. She ended up in a spot on the edge of the village. It overlooked the valley. A small river had carved its way through the earth and was surrounded by lush green trees. The sun…

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    AlpacaInATrenchcoat / Sep 19 2021 0.16

    …was setting, creating a fiery glow across the sky. “Pretty isn’t it?” A young man had come over to her. He had black hair that faded into a grey at the ends. “Yeah, it is.”

    “You’re new around here arn’t you?”

    “Just passing through.” He smiled at her, before he started to head off. As he did, the wind caught his sleeve, which revealed a summoning circle drawn onto his pale skin. “Wait!” Maya said. He stopped.

    ”Are you okay?”

    ”Are you a summoner?”

    “Yeah.” He placed his hand over his sleeve. He’d obviously realised how she knew.

    ”That’s pretty rare.”

    ”I guess so.” His grey eyes flicked between Maya and the ground. He started to back away.

    “Listen, I don’t want any trouble, I came here to find a summoner, and it looks like that’s you.”

    “Why were you looking for me?”

    “I heard that there was a Warlock here.” He tapped the circle with his hand. It glowed and a creature appeared. It looked simikar to a lynx, although it had 4 eyes and antlers, similar to those of a stag. It snarled at her. “You’re military arn’t you?”

    “Unfortunatly for you, yes I am.” His left eye changed from a light to much darker grey. He was a shapeshifter as well! That was why his eyes had been the same colour! Electricity crackled around her hands. “If you just come with me no one will get hurt.”

    ”I don’t beleive you,” The creature growled at her again, showing it’s huge canines. It moved first, aiming to bite Maya’s arm. She rolled to the side and electracuted it, sending it flying into a tree. It turned into dust just as it was about to fall back down to the ground. The Warlock started to run. She knew she’d have to catch him before he had the chance to shapeshift into an animal that could run fast or even fly. She focused as much as she could. It was always risky using her powers like this.

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    AlpacaInATrenchcoat / Sep 19 2021 0.34

    Maya sent a bolt of electricity at him. It connected and he collapsed. She breathed a small sigh of releif. She’d managed to keep that under control. That was good. She hadn’t killed him, she’d just knocked him out. Some people had gathered to see what the commotion was. “I’m a part of his Majesty’s Military. This man is a Warlock and is under arrest.” They backed away, but glared at her. Why though? She’d done the right thing. Warlocks brought nothing but pain and destruction. She tied his hands together. She knew he could probably get out of it pretty easilydue to his shapeshifting, but it made her feel more comfortable. Maya looked at the sky. She didn’t have time to start moving again. She’d just have to watch him until morning. She took him up to the room she was staying in.

    She didn’t take her eyes off of him. She’d seen exactly what Warlocks could do. They dessimated entire towns just because they fektlike it. She’d seen many people die to Warlocks. She was not going to take any risks. He stirred a bit, before opening his eyes. She saw the panic in his eyes. “I’m not going to kill you.” She said to him.

    ”Oh yeah? That’s exactly what soldiers say before they kill entire villages.”

    ”That doens’t happen often, and when it does there’s a good reason for it.” He snorted.

    “Seriously? Like a village of farmers gets wiped off the map because one family of Warlocks live there. That’s okay?”

    “If theywere sheltering them and on there side then it may have been nessacary.”

    “You honestly think that’s justified.” Maya looked at the floor. Why was he even saying that?

    “I don’t enjoy taking lives if that’s what you’re saying.”

    “Well I’m afraid to say most of the people around you probably do.”

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    AlpacaInATrenchcoat / Sep 19 2021 17.01

    “We only kill the people we have to.”

    ”The ones defending themselves? The ones just trying the protect their families?”

    “Shut up.” Maya snapped. He didn’t know anything. “People like you have slaughtered villages full of innocent people!” He laughed at that. “How many Warlocks have you actually ever seen?”

    “Enough.” Actually, how many had she seen?

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    AlpacaInATrenchcoat / Sep 19 2021 22.05

    “You don’t actually know do you?” Maya went through her memories, counting how many she’d seen. Warlocks tended to be in small groups, but that didn’t make them any less dangerous. The fact they could use to types of magic made them invredibly powerful. Just one Warlock could take on several experienced soldiers. “Warlocks don’t travel in large numbers.”

    ”How many?”

    ”That doesn’t make a difference!”

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