Victorian style clothing :D

  1. Spiralling
    TheEntitySystem / Sep 15 2021 21.30

    Hi, does anyone else like victiorian styles? I know it says clothing in the title but here's my whole ideal look, sorta ringmaster looking lol.

    A white shirt, scarlet satin waistcoat (maybe with a cool gold pattern), plain black trousers, a top hat, one of those curly moustaches (which I think are awesome by the way), a goatee and slicked back hair.

    Does anyone else like Victorian fashion?

  2. Headphones
    What-are-you / Sep 22 2021 20.50

    I do appreciate old fashion! But my ideal look is more autumn and winter based.

  3. Coolcat
    Mochii310 / Sep 23 2021 18.05

    I love lolita which is based off of victorian fashion but that doesn’t mean I don’t have my own fantasies of living in a victorian mansion with my partner

  4. Childline Avatar
    Temporary99062071 / Oct 01 2021 18.58

    I love Victorian fashion. I love that and the 1950s fashion. My ideal look is like, a hoopskirt and frilly a foofy dress. I am a girl. I hope that this reply was worth your time.


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