1. Childline Avatar
    StuckInThePast / Sep 15 2021 16.47

    Hi everyone

    So I’ve sudden,y got loads of spots and my mum says that I’ll get my period soon but I’m really worried.

    Primarily, I‘m really worried about hiw to tell my mum ir my teacger. Seriously, what do I say?! Also, it’ll be really embarrassing to be so young

    Please reply


  2. Bookworm
    ReadingPelicanShoes5 / Sep 16 2021 22.52

    Hi, getting spots is a sign of starting puberty but it doesn't mean you'll get your period right away. Don't worry, it's not as scary as it sounds! I struggled to tell my mum but afterwards I was more embarrassed that I'd found it so awkward. It's completely natural and your mum probably went through the exact same thing. When the time comes if you find it really hard to tell a teacher or parent you could just slip them a note to let them know. In the meantime I'm here to try and answer any more questions you might have



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