I was bullied years ago and it still effects me

  1. Flower
    OhNoIHaveNoGener / Sep 13 2021 23.03

    hi, Im 11 years old. i was bullied when i was about 8 or 7 by my neighbour (1 year older than me) im recovering a bit but i have anxiety

    i was always more "girly" than my neighbours so they probably didnt like me anyway but when a popular girl from my primary school moved to my street, all my other neighbours my age wanted to be her friend. she created a game/club and i was the third member in it. to begin with there were only 4 people. Because I was girly,i tried to change for them. i stopped wearing pink and I started to hate myself. I was 7 years old but I still remember that awkward feeling whenever i talked to them.

    They eventually left me out of games, but the worst part was when they kicked me out of the game/club. they said it was because I spied on them but i didn't and i know it was because I was annoying and they hated me.

    Recently I was diagnosed with anxiety and then found out that the girl goes to the same secondary school as me. i avoid her at all costs and i cant walk past her house without having a panic attack. there was other stuff happening at school at the same time which made it worse.

    Ive never told someone other than my therapist about this, so i wanted to tell someone. thanks for reading this!

  2. Childline Avatar
    Justine4 / Sep 16 2021 21.11


    I'm sorry you've had to go through all that. It isn't the nicest feeling to be kicked out of group/club or to be left out. I'm wondering whether anyone is aware of the situation- if not, maybe you could try speaking to a favourite teacher or your family?

    Sometimes, I do try and avoid people who seem to make my life miserable sometimes and that sometimes causes me to feel depressed or have anxiety too. To help me, I usually try and find an alternative route to places and whenever I do get home, I would do some self-care activities or play some of the games on this website.

    I hope this helps?

    P.S. You shouldn't have to change for other people. If there were your friends, they would just accept you as you are.

  3. Contemplator
    BuddyBooToYou / Sep 19 2021 18.39

    That isn't fair at all. I'm so sorry yo went through this especially at such a young age. Its really upsetting that things like this happens. It's great that you talk to your therapist. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being different or girly. I think the colour pink is a really nice colour! I hope you've made other friends. Nobody deserves to be kicked out of a group for being different. Stay strong and good luck!



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