1. Wallflower
    PowerfulSharingSeal5642 / Sep 13 2021 22.47

    I used to have really high hopes for my future and i have things I’m really passionate about and want to do as a job but I’m worried that I wont be able to do those things anymore becuase i gave up all through yr5-7 and didnt care about my work. Idk if theres still time to change or if ive messed it up :/ i really want to become a language teacher in spain, portugal or japan but im upset because i probably wont be able to :(

  2. Flower
    GrowingPositiveThoughts / Sep 22 2021 21.32

    Anything is possible! Did you know one in three people change their career in life? There's always time to change, go back and resit a year, find a different job you love... and these are all worse case scenarios! Have you tried talking to your teachers, asking them for feedback and for suggestions as to where you can concentrate on? Teachers love if you are interested in improving and so I am sure they would help you. Never giveup, you are awesome and trying is enough.


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