TW// Body dismorphia and bulimia

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    DazzlingCyclingPanda7225 / Sep 12 2021 22.31

    Hi, im a 15 girl who believes i may suffer from bulimia and body dismorphia but i feel like i can’t tell anyone. I eat small ammounts of food but can’t go without forcingly throwing it up. I did this for a bout a week then it started affecting my boyfriend and i had to forcefully put it to a stop. but the feelings never went away for me, and it has started again over the past few days. Then one weekend, when it first started happening, my mum noticed i didn’t want food from my favoutite place we visit weekly and joking asked if i was suddenly anorexic, which made me feel horrible and sent me in a mental spiral. I want to see a doctor but i am worried how everyone around me will react and how it will affect the ones i truly love, I have told 1 friend who went through a horrible period of not eating because i felt she was someone i really trusted and could help with what i am curenty experiencing. i just want help, i use to truly love food and now its nothing to me. it makes me anxious to eat around others and when i see large ammounts of food it makes me really queasy, i just wish i didn’t have this thoughy mentalitly. i also think i have possible body dismorphia due to people telling me i look really skinny when i think im fat and find it difficult wearing more revealing outfits. I don’t know ehat to do, i wish i could tell my sister but im worried what will happen after. Am i overthinking all this? I just don’t like eating anymore, it never stays in longer than 5 minutes. I wish no one else has to go through what i do, its the most downgrading, deteriating thing ive ever felt.

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    MagicalSharingOtter3843 / Oct 19 2021 19.34


    i feel how scared and worried you are, and im so sorry you have to go through this. but i want you to be aware that this is not a normal mindset, so don't feel like it's not bad enough or invalid or anything like that, because it's not how one naturally thinks. but also, you are not alone. you are a 15 year old girl, and very subject to developing an eating disorder. once you get over the fear of telling someone, it'ss be so much easier, and it's much less scary than you think. you can do this, and you can beat this. i think you need to know that everything will be ok. im proud of you. keep fighting. you are going through something horrible and people around you need to be aware. i know how hard this is. im so sorry angel.

    please keep me updated if you can and if you need any specific advice.

    also try and talk to a doctor my love



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