ADHD (sorry I know loads of threads are called this)

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    Gay-Idiot / Sep 12 2021 15.15

    so basically i have most of the symptoms of ADHD but im shy so dont disrupt class. my parents have very stereotypical views of adhd (crazy person running around screaming ) and i have been told by multiple people that i cant have ADHD because im too smart but i just enjoy most things at school so can give my attention except english. in english my brain is anywhere except for in the lesson. my friend keeps saying they are 1000% sure i have it but can i really. because i can concentrate sometimes if its something i enjoy. and im not disruptive instead really shy???

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    WarmSingingSwan3165 / Sep 13 2021 21.43

    i relate to tis so much, i want to see if i can get a diagnosis but my parents wont let mee. im shy in school and always drift off especially in subjects which i show little interest in(english,maths) there is a spectrumm to adhd, so you can have it regardless of being shy or really chattyy. yyyeahh irhinkkk

  3. Loser
    Gay-Idiot / Sep 14 2021 8.21

    cool its nice to know im not the only one that feels like this ☺

  4. Childline Avatar
    BugsBunny2718 / Sep 14 2021 23.03

    Me too. I found out what ADHD was about 4 years ago when my friend’s dad asked if I had it, he has been asking stuff like that since. Also, I show a lot of symptoms but my parents aren’t the type to ask about this. I want to ask if I can get tested, as it would help me if I do have it. I try to drop hints showing I have symptoms and stuff, but they aren’t the type of people to talk to about this stuff. I am the same about OCD too. Anyone have any advice on working up courage to ask?


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