How do I talk to my ex??

  1. Bookworm
    LusciousLottie20 / Sep 12 2021 11.11

    Hi so me and my ex were together from December 2019 to May this year through lockdown, we weren't really a proper couple, we didn't even hold hands or kiss or go on any dates (but we were quite shy) and he broke up with me over text but I really want to talk to him cause we haven't spoken or texted since then, how do I do it?? Thx x[

  2. Childline Avatar
    AlertHoppingTurtle9232 / Sep 23 2021 19.22

    hun we have all been there honestly talking to the ex isnt always fun but it also sometimes has to be done at the end of the day just tell him how you felt after the break up and tell him that life just got in the way of everything and maybe if you still like him ask him how he feels about you we all take time to get over the exs that really hit hard if you know what i mean but just have a normal convo with him x

  3. Bookworm
    LusciousLottie20 / Sep 25 2021 7.48

    Thanks for the advice, I actually did text him telling him how I felt and he said he would think about it and reply within a week but its been almost 2 weeks now and he still hasn't replied and one of his friends at school asked him "is that (my name)?" when we were walking next to each other on the pathway and he replied back with "I don't know, is it?" which made me feel quite dejected so I've decided to stop obsessing over him and move on, since he doesn't have the decency to reply back to me, talk to me or make an effort to recognise me anymore (that sounds harsh but that's my take on it) :)


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