1. Butterfly
    cosmicmoonlight / Sep 11 2021 0.54

    hi, i am 17 and in year 13, which i started my first day of today :)

    i have my mock exams in 3 days. they matter to me as i want to do medicine at uni and so i am an early entry applicant, i have to submit my ucas application by oct 15th which is quite soon so after my mocks end theres not much time to improve if i did badly. i am scared that i am going to flop my mocks and therefore i wont be able to do medicine which i want to do more than anything in the world. in my year 12 moccks i got BCD and for medicine you need AAA, i think chemistry is the subject where i think im least likely to be predicted an A simply because its the only one ive never got an a in before. so yeah basically im really anxious and i really really want to do well

  2. Childline Avatar
    ProudTurningFrog4387 / Sep 15 2021 16.39

    Yuo have exam mocks that early !!!wow


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