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    xx-tash-xx / Sep 10 2021 21.33

    hi im natasha.

    ive been bulimic for a while and that was a whole thing but im trying to stop and its been two weeks and stuff so. anyway

    ive found myself heavily restricting, my mum - whos a doctor - even says im anorexic as a joke which makes me literally want to break down lol. but like i make sure im always hungry and i work out a ton so i am losing a bit of weight. i like the feeling of that idk why. but people at school are noticing i dont eat lunch, and i cant deal with school knowing because my school hates me and they make my life hell. so, i wanna eat lunch but if i do ill end up making myself throw it up anyway. like its realky messing witb my head. im tired and im hungry and i really want a hug. idk why im talking here. i just need to say it i guess. i wish i saw food and not calories or macronutrients. its literally eating my alive i want to cry.

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    xx-tash-xx / Sep 10 2021 21.36

    im 16 by the way qnd i have gcses this year and the thought of sitting my bloody history exam hungry is stressing me out more now oh no

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    Temporary582929316 / Sep 13 2021 9.33

    Please get help ask to see a doctor go to counselling do whatever you need to just please get help. Recovery is so much better than an Ed if you have any questions please message me I’ll try answer x


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