Body image and bullying

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    LivelyWalkingLynx5326 / Sep 08 2021 18.31

    Hi, I don't really know how to start this but here goes.

    For 2 years I was continually bullied for being too skinny, this caused me to start eating more to gain wait.

    I've now reached a healthy weight

    But now that I'm a normal healthy weight the way I look keeps making me feel disgusting. I know this is how I'm meant to look but how I looked before seem normal to me now and I keep not wanting too eat.

    I've also had comments since the bullying saying how I looked really skinny(in a good way). Now I'm scared to gain weight.

    I keep going through a cycle of wanting to eat to maintain my good weight and wanting to not eat so that I don't gain weight.

    If anyone has any tips on how to break this cycle or any help in general.


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    MagicalSharingOtter3843 / Oct 19 2021 19.28

    hey thomas,

    you aren't alone. there is hope. so many people have recovered from eating disorders and you can too. i know words don't always help but it's so important for you to realise that being skinny is not important. you your whole life ahead of you and would you want to look back on life realising you spent x amount of time worrying about your body? obviously i am fully aware that it is not as easy as this. but your body is incredible, it keeps you alive every single day and thats so amazing.

    as scary and as impossible as it sounds, i would recommend seeking help. i know it probably feels like the worst thing in the world but i swear it's not. you've got this thomas, embrace the bad days, eventually this mindset will go away. keep fighting and lmk if there's anything you need/more specific advice.



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