An incident at school

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    Riverm47483 / Sep 06 2021 21.57

    hi everyone,

    sorry if this is really bad but i have something that ive been worrying about a lot recently.

    basically, two and a half years ago, i tried to get the attention of someone at school, but when i tried to grab their shirt (something everyone does) I grabbed their belt/ belt hook. they seemed fine and all and not to care at all but im really scared now, that in light of some awful recent things other people have done that I may get in lots of trouble.. what do u guys think. i try to be as respectful as possible to people always but i just remembered this

    thanks so much, and i hope everyone is safe.

  2. Flower
    GrowingPositiveThoughts / Sep 22 2021 21.36

    I think to be concerned about this says it all, that you are a kind person who really doesn't want to upset someone. Honestly haven't got a clue if something is likely to be said but just be honest... share your concerns with school. I realy hope things turn out okay, you seem such a lovely person.


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