My friend and eating disorders

  1. Childline Avatar
    FlexibleCatchingRaven4946 / Sep 06 2021 21.38

    Shes 15 and struggling with comments from her dad about her sexuality now she has an eating disorder. im scared fkr her life

  2. Flower
    GrowingPositiveThoughts / Sep 19 2021 21.38

    Hey, sorry to hear your friend is struggling with an eating disorder, and I'm sorry you are scared for her, you sound like a really caring person and a.great friend to have. When I was told I had an eating disorder, it was mainly as I felt it was the one thing I could control when things at home, my mum making comments was bad. I've heard it is a thing to be about control even if the person struggling doesn't realise. Suggesting she gets some support may be a good step but I am sure you are helping so much by being there for her.


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