craving drugs when i have never had them?

  1. Headphones
    SuperFlyingRhino4341 / Sep 06 2021 20.31

    (im 14) over the past few days i have seen lots of tiktoks about amelias addiction from greys anatomy and not that it has triggered me in a way, but all i have been thinking about is taking drugs. i crave them and i dont know why because i have never touched them. im hoping this feeling will go away soon because it is making me anxious.

  2. Coolcat
    Squooshcat / Sep 07 2021 21.34


    So this kind of thing is entirely normal, but I would encourage you to not go with the urge because drugs are REALLY bad for you, try doing some breathing exersises , you could use the calm cloud on childline, when you get these urgues. Try chatting to a counseller they will know better than an 11 year old 😝.

    💕Hope this helps💕,

    Hang in there 🦥,

    Squoosh 🐱


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