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    CalmPosingPanda6006 / Sep 05 2021 19.37


    I'm 12 and I started puberty about a year and a bit ago. I have hair in my armpits and hair 'down there.' But the thing is I don't know when Ill start my period and I'm a bit worried because I don't want to start it at an embarassing time. Like at swimming or in school. I've been having discharge for a year which is a sign it's close i guess. But how long after u get discharge are u supposed to get your period?

    Thanks so much :)

    - xx

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    PoliteSmilingRhino4095 / Sep 06 2021 22.19

    It can vary but periods typically come 2 years after breast development and a year after starting to get discharge. I could happen though as the average age is around 12 so just stay prepared by having some pads in your school bag.


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