acne is controlling my life

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    AmazingTextingDuck1480 / Sep 05 2021 2.38

    im a 15(f) and think i have some sort of body dismorphia

    i have moderate-severe acne that people have told me isnt considered “that bad” (though usually every 3 months ill have a stage where im COVERED but i dont leave the house so people dont see it) ive been on 4 meds and 3 creams and yet its still here

    i cant make eyecontact, cant turn and face people, cant go a day without concelear on and with me at all times, cant go swimming incase it comes off, and avoid meeting people.

    i cant even look at my own family vecause i feel guilty they have to look at my acne. it even takes a toll on my school work becasue instead of listening im thinking about how my skin looks

    im so insecure about it my friends have given up reassuring me and now get angry with me because i talk about it so so much

    i tried to change my diet, different skin care, doxycyclin, lymecyclin, THE PILL, another tablet i forgot, creams, vitamins etc and now im finally being reffered to a derm.

    i dont know when it will end and i just want to wake up with beautiful clear skin like everyone else seems to have. i want to peel my own pizza face right off. it seems like it would solve alllll my problems


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