Missed period

  1. Wallflower
    Temporary15235144 / Sep 05 2021 0.39

    I was supposed to start my period like 2 weeks ago and it’s always on time at the most 2/3 days off but that rarely happens and I’m really worried that something might be wrong. Should I be? I’ve also had like all the cramps I’d usually get and I’ve had headaches and been tired. I’ve googled and I know I’m not pregnant and it could be stress because I go back to college in a few days but I really don’t know what to do. How much longer do I wait before I get properly concerned?

  2. Childline Avatar
    FamousSurfingDove2522 / Sep 06 2021 1.18

    When you’re younger, your period tends to be irregular. I can have mine like clockwork for months, and then it suddenly changes.

    However, stress & unhealthy eating habits (like being underweight) can factor into a late period.

    It’s most likely just changing up a bit, and nothing is wrong. Some people don’t get regular periods until they’re in their 20s.

  3. Wallflower
    Temporary15235144 / Sep 06 2021 22.37

    Hi thanks I hope it goes back to normal because I don’t think anything like that is wrong with me I’m 17 and for the last 4 years it’s been regular but it’s probably nothing like you said thanks


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