anxiety post-breakup

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    UniqueTextingPuffin9012 / Sep 02 2021 18.15

    ive recently come out of an on and off relationship and ive been struggling with immense anxiety. i seemed to have made lots of mistakes and upset the other person at times without even realising and ended up hurting them more than i wanted and now all i feel is intense shame, guilt, and paranoia. it also took out my social life, so i dont have any friends anymore that arent online and even then i am worried something might happen online too which has made my anxiety worse. i am really struggling to cope, and want to change and be better, but it is very very difficult. any advice on how to move forward?

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    AlertHoppingTurtle9232 / Sep 23 2021 19.25

    sometimes it can be really hard to move forward from things like this but at the end of the day we have to maybe listen to music get out there more be free spirited and most importantly think you dont think about relationships or boys or maybe sometimes for some people even girls cause at the end of the day theres plenty more gish in the see hun and im sure at least one of them wants to grow old with u x


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