1. Sheep
    TropicalPetal / Sep 02 2021 18.02

    Hi, I am going to go by the name of Alyssa for this...

    This is dead embarrassing for me but I want to talk about puberty and would like some answers if that is ok?

    So for the past year or so (I am 12 in a couple of days) I have been having discharge, growth in my chest area and so on. My discharge became heavy roughly January this year and only stops for about 3 days and starts back up. Is that normal ish?

    I am also scared to death about periods. I had once fainted in class as we were in Life Skills learning about puberty. I despise blood and bodily functions. Could anyone give me some tips? Thank you!!



  2. Childline Avatar
    lemonade88 / Sep 03 2021 19.47

    Hi, yes it is normal to experience discharge in large amounts. Usually this starts to happen close to when you're going to have your first period. It's helpful to keep some sort of record of your discharge, so you know what is normal and healthy for you. The only times discharge may be a little bit of a concern are if it changes drastically, like the scent, texture or colour, this usually means you may have a bit of an infection, but this is totally normal and doesn't mean you've done anything wrong. It's always worth getting advice from a GP and getting it checked out regardless though.

    As for the period aspect of things, it's completely normal and understandable to be worried about this, as it's a big change to go through and unlike anything you will have experienced before, but they're never as big of a worry as they seem before they happen. I know a lot of girls who say they hate blood, and they have phobia's of it, but their periods are completely fine to deal with, I think we naturally have a different attitude to that sort of blood, because it's not the same as if you cut your head or something, and it's natural.

    It's hard to know how to react to periods before you actually start them, but I'm sure you will be absolutely okay, and if you do find that you're struggling with them, there's always help and support you can get.

    Stay safe!


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