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    ArtisticTalkingRobin9049 / Sep 01 2021 2.31

    im 13 and i have a few drinks every once and awhile but not alot. i used to vape in year 6 but then i started smoking in year 7 and quit because my parents found out but lately as my mental health has been going down ive been having an urge to smoke again i dont know why tho

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    lemonade88 / Sep 04 2021 17.11

    Hi. It's actually normal for you to experience urges to start smoking again even if you quit. This is because smoking is an addiction and it should be treated as such. For lots of people, smoking might be a way for them to de-stress or calm down, or it might make them feel like they fit in. If you're struggling with something in your life, you might feel the desire to re-start your habit as a way to feel like you have control over something in your life.

    Aside from talking to a childline counsellor, who can listen to you and provide you with helpful resources and support, my best advice would be to see a GP.

    You should be able to make an appointment on your own, and unless your life, or someone else's is in serious or immediate danger, they'll keep what you tell them confidential unless you ask them to tell someone on your behalf.

    Hope this helps a little, it's really positive that you're aware of your feelings and you want to prevent this problem from returning.

    Take care.


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