1. Childline Avatar
    33raccoon55 / Aug 31 2021 2.16


    I think I have ADHD and I know that you shouldn’t self diagnose because it can be really harmful but I’m almost certain that I have it. I’ve been diagnosed with autism and i know that people often have both autism and ADHD. I have almost all the symptoms and so many of them make so much sense to me. My dad and people in general get angry at me a lot because of things that I do that I have recently found out are ADHD symptoms so I don’t know how to approach my parents about it

    Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you :)

  2. Coolcat
    RonCatWeasley / Sep 19 2021 14.09

    Hi. I think I have ADHD. Nothing diagnosed struggle a lot but I told the special needs department in my school and they are going to call my mum in a few weeks. She didn't believe me before but now she does so yeah. You have asd and its quite similar to ADHD so please can you tell me how you cope with impulses and focus and friends. Literally just made my mum cry and im 11 so I know its not normal and i cant control my actions so yeah. Hope to hear from you soon.


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