1. Artist
    MyDogHasDogThatIsDog / Aug 29 2021 1.24

    Hey there. I’m Ryan, but you can also call me Ruby! I have all the symptoms of autism, and even my brother has started suspecting I’m autistic. Nobody else does because I try spend as much time in my room or alone as possible. Anyway.. I’m super impatient and I’m still waiting to be diagnosed. Anybody have any tips on how to stop feeling so impatient and like I want to kick over a chair or something?

  2. Coolcat
    RonCatWeasley / Sep 01 2021 17.58

    hi maybe you have it im not sure how not to get impulses as i struggle too i think i have adhd. its totally cool with nme but are you trans? If you look on the message board friends,spd and adhd then thats when im going on about how i feel so you can see wgat happens maybe we could help each other and you could give me tips. Hopefully see you soon



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