Periods as a non-binary.

  1. Coolcat
    A-SpiderWithBones / Aug 26 2021 0.37

    I will do anything to make it stop. But if I say this to my parents they’ll call me crazy. I don’t want my period. It’s so feminine and it makes me feel gross. Does anybody know how to stop it (but also be able to still have it as an adult) without your parent’s knowing? I’m only 11 but gender dysphoria hits really hard. Stuff that I’ve gone through involving my body doesn’t help. I feel gross all the time.

  2. Lion
    IFellOnABalloonItPopped / Aug 27 2021 0.41

    I wish there was something to stop them! I have a medical condition that makes me faint every time I have mine so I went to see a doctor and they said that even if there was a way to stop them it wouldn’t be good for your health - they happen for a reason unfortunately 😩.

  3. Coolcat
    A-SpiderWithBones / Aug 27 2021 14.24

    Ugh, i just wish we could have understanding parents 😩! Like I am super close to walking to the mearest hospital and demanding to talk to the manager ✋🙄 /j

  4. Headphones
    CitrineRose / Sep 15 2021 20.13

    I started birth control on the progesterone only pill at at first I had a two week long bleed that was rly heavy but now I don’t have a period at all and it’s been months

  5. Headphones
    Genby-Socks / Nov 06 2021 9.47

    Ugh, true! It makes me dysphoric.


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