Periods suck work hard my red blood cells

  1. Spiralling
    DarkRainbow4657 / Aug 25 2021 21.30

    Hi so ive just got my second period and feel really crummy my tummy was hurting earlier so i am kind of relived that its not a tummy bug but i feel really dizzy and short of breath and it just sucks though its not as bad now because i have had some peanut m and m's which are great , im feeling even more miserable then usual , and i was wondering how everyone else is

  2. Lion
    IFellOnABalloonItPopped / Aug 27 2021 0.30

    If you’re dizzy, 😵‍💫 try elevating your legs and drinking plenty of water - Little Miss Brain Fog

  3. Heart
    BisexualBliss-AceAllie / Aug 27 2021 14.51

    so ive had stomach cramps everyday since new years day. Im 12 and you know that horrible stuff before your period. I get that every month.

    Also, m&m's are the best, unfortunately, i cant have dairy :(

    But i stuff my face with vegan chocolate instead

    if u want to talk, im here about anything,


    Emilia x

    (rl name)

  4. Spiralling
    DarkRainbow4657 / Aug 27 2021 20.26



how i feel

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