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  1. Nose dive
    CuriousThinkingPuma9930 / Aug 24 2021 0.54

    Hi, I'm Madeline

    ever since i became a teenager i have had body image problems every time i would look in the mirror i would think that, that girl in the mirror is ugly, i don't like the Pouch of fat on my stomach even tho i was told 'its normal' or my breasts I'm 14 and I have an underdeveloped body, i don't like it and i dont know how to come to terms with it.

    If anybody had any tips on how to come to terms with it please help Xx

  2. Butterfly
    SadGirlyGirl / Sep 12 2021 23.33

    Hey there!

    I am so so so sorry to hear about this! I'm underdeveloped too and super short! This is completely fine! You just have an underdeveloped body like so many other people do! And about that pouch of 'fat' on your stomach yes it is normal but in all honesty no-one notices things as much as you thing they notice them. Instead other people focus on the positives. You think you aren't perfect because it's human nature we are all critical of oursleves! Love yourself girl!


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